Pre-launch event:
Jivamukti Yoga Weekend
with Sandy King and Sas Stephenson

I am so so happy and honoured to be able to welcome Sandy King and Sas Stephenson to Aarhus and Boho Yoga for a weekend of fun, sweat and sweet surrender. This weekend is a rare and precious opportunity for you to dive into the magical universe of Jivamukti Yoga. Expand your knowledge, gain insights and move your body under the guidance of not only one but TWO Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teachers - coming all the way from Australia to Aarhus!


Friday 16th August


16.30-18.00 Jivamukti Open Class with Sandy King and Sas Stephenson

Jivamukti is a physically demanding and intellectually stimulating practice that incorporates chanting, yoga philosophy, social and environmental awareness and activism, hands-on-assists, meditation and breath awareness, all set to a carefully curated musical soundtrack. The Jivamukti method is holistic in its spiritual approach and has been commended for making traditional yogic teachings relevant and interesting in a modern context. An Open Class is a fantastic way to classically experience the Jivamukti Method.

18.30-19.30 Satsang/Kirtan with Sandy and Sas – by donation for Dyrenes Frie Farm (animal charity)

Satsang is an opportunity for a community of like-minded individuals to gather together and share stories, listen to teachings and sit in quiet reflection. Kirtan is the name given to traditional Indian folk music with a call-and-response structure. Devotional Sanskrit mantras will be discussed and chanted, to bring about the “bhav” – the divine mood. Everyone is welcome.


Saturday 17th August

 10.00-12.00 Jivamukti Open Masterclass with Sandy

An extended version of a classic Jivamukti Open Class; this two hour practice will begin with chanting and an inspirational dharma talk based upon yogic philosophy, which will lead into intention setting, and will then progress into a challenging asana sequence that threads back into the theme of the overall practice. A musical soundtrack will be played to add to the atmosphere, hands-on-assists will provide physical and energetic guidance throughout and the practice will conclude with deep relaxation and meditation.

13.00-16.00 Teachers Workshop with Sandy, assisted by Sas

Using the morning Masterclass as a template, this Teachers Workshop will offer a behind-the-scenes view into the Jivamukti Yoga Method, and will explain the process gone through to create the sequence of preparing the body for more challenging asanas, including how to give hands-on-assists and use your voice as a teacher. There will be a large practical component in this class, and it is recommended for Yoga Teachers of any method, who are looking to deepen their understanding or refresh their teaching toolkit. A portion of the workshop will also be set aside for asking questions related to teaching, sequencing and philosophy.

Note: This class is only available to those who attend the morning Masterclass.


Sunday 18th August

10.00-11.30 Morning Restorative with Sas


We live in a world that is very focused on activity and productivity. Coupled with the digital age of always being “on” and “available” via our phones, ipads and laptops; many of us find it very hard to switch off and unwind. Restorative Yoga is the antidote to this, and utilises few, simple asanas, generously supported by props, to encourage the parasympathetic nervous system (our in-built “relax response”) to come forth. This practice is suitable for anyone and everyone and is especially recommended for those who are tired and in need of rest. No prior yoga experience necessary at all (bring your mum!).


About Sandy and Sas

Sandy and Sas are two of the primary teachers at Jivamukti Yoga Sydney. They are both Advanced Certified in the method and have taught multiple classes, workshops and intensives together and separately around the world. This will be their 4th visit back to teach in Denmark, and their first time teaching in Århus. While Sas works by day in the scientific field of marine biology, Sandy is a full-time yoga teacher who mentors new teachers through the Jivamukti Apprenticeship program and will be serving on the International Jivamukti Teacher Training faculty in India 2020. Sandy was born in Denmark (actually in Aarhus!), and though the classes will be taught in English, Sandy speaks Danish fluently, and can answer questions in either language as needed. As individuals, and as a couple, Sandy and Sas believe in the power of compassion in action and hope to contribute, in some way, to the happiness and freedom for all beings everywhere.



Mix and match the classes that suit you best! This weekend is designed for you to pick and choose from a wide range of classes. Whether you are a yoga teacher or yoga novice. We’ve got you covered. You can join us for the whole weekend for a discounted price or you can choose the classes that works best with your weekend plans and preferences. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at

Prices for the individual classes and workshops

Friday Open Class: 120 kr. (3 spots left)

Friday Satsang/Kirtan: By donation for Dyrenes Fri Farm (animal charity)

Saturday Jivamukti Open Masterclass: 225 kr. (3 spots left)

Saturday Teachers Workshop: 385 kr. (5 spots left)

Sunday Morning Restorative: 120 kr. (7 spots left)


Full pack (all of the classes except Saturday Teachers workshops) 400 kr.

Saturday Teachers pack (Saturday masterclass and workshop): 550 kr.

Full Teacher’s pack (the whole weekend) 750 kr.

Please note: To be able to participate in the Teachers Workshop Saturday afternoon you have to participate in the Morning Masterclass. The Morning Masterclass however can be booked individually.

Sign up details

You can sign up using either Mobile Pay 57696 (business) or bank transfer to 3409 11705324. Write your name + AUS on the transfer. AND write us an email with your contact info, so we can get in contact with practical information.


Practical information

The workshops takes place on the 16th-18th August in Aarhus C in Aarhus' new yoga studio Boho Yoga Studio. Boho Yoga Studio is an urban yoga oasis situated in the vibrant Latin Quarters (Latinerkvarteret). Boho Yoga Studio's official opening is on the 25th August, so these workshops will offer a special sneak peak of the new yoga studio space.

We have everything you need for mats and props, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

The studio is open 20 minutes before each class. Please be early to ensure that you have found your spot, settled down and is ready to practice.